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. so far it's been a pretty good night for mitt romney but not a clean sweep. ken wayne is here now with the latest returns. >> reporter: mitt romney has won massachusetts, vermont and virginia. newt gingrich has won georgia. the polls just closed in idaho where 32 delegates are at stake and we will bring you those numbers when they come in. idaho are small potatoes. it's a close battle in ohio between romney and santorum. 63 delegates are at stake there. mitt romney has 25% of the votes. santorum 37%. gingrich 15%, paul 7%. let's take a look at two other states that are just coming in now. tennessee and oklahoma. rick santorum is looking good right now in tennessee. in fact, rick santorum is just won tennessee with 44% of the vote to mitt romney's 28%. in oklahoma, with 40 delegates on the line, santorum is ahead with 36%, romney has 29%. paul has 9%, gingrich has 25%. so again the real battle no surprise is in ohio. if you're a political junkie, this is getting very interesting. we'll update this at 6:15. >>> and our election coverage also continues online at ktvu.com. we will hav
, the focus was on rick santorum and mitt romney, after santorum bested the frontrunner in alabama and mississippi. rick santorum celebrated his victories last night in lafayette, louisiana and said they make him the one true conservative alternative to mitt romney. >> the time is now for conservatives to pull together. the time is now to make sure... to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election, and the best chance to win this election is to nominate a conservative to go up against barack obama, who can take him >> suarez: from there, it was off to puerto rico, ahead of the primary there on sunday, with 23 delegates at stake. in san juan, santorum argued again that it's now between romney and himself. romney had sounded confident yesterday, on cnn, before learning that he finished third in both alabama and mississippi. >> senator santorum is at the desperate end of his campaign and is trying in some way to boost his prospects. >> some who are conservative may not be this my cam many but they will be when i face the nominee and face barack obama. and the campaign
. >> dan: moments ago, mitt romney added another state to the win column. super tuesday show down is a fight to the finish. here is how things look so far. mitt romney has won, three states and rick season has taken tennessee, north dakota. big prize is ohio, still too close to call. karen traverse is live in columbus, ohio. >> we have a tight race here in ohio. it's been back and forth all night. but right now, mitt romney leads rick santorum by a couple thousand votes. >> it was the most coveted prize of the day. but the race here in ohio is still too close to call. but like a youth soccer league tonight, everyone going home with a on trophy. mitt romney won massachusetts as well as virginia and ver monitors. >> i'm not going to let you down. >> rick santorum picked up wins, in tennessee and oklahoma strengthening his case he is the top choice for conservatives. >> we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole pack of silver medals. >> newt gingrich won his home state of pennsylvania. >> tomorrow we'll bring another chapter for the race to the nomination. >> bu
november and that looks even better. >>> mitt romney celebrating an early lead this super tuesday. in the past 20 minutes he has won a key battleground state. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. mitt romney is picking up six states. romney wins the state of ohio with 38% of the vote and a margin of 12,000 votes. we have live team coverage. amber lee has been talking to bay area voters. we begin with ken wayne who breaks down today's victory. >> reporter: there was no clean sweep tonight. elections were held in 10 states and each candidate expect ron paul claimed victories. mitt romney pulled out a win in massachusetts, vermont, , virginia and idaho. right now he's picked up eight additional delegates giving him a total of 351. let's move on to rick santorum. he gets an additional 68 delegates for a grand total of 156 delegates. we move on to the next candidate. newt gingrich he stays alive with the critical win of georgia. that gives him 52 more delegates today for a total of 85. and finally, the fourth major candidate, ron paul who is promising to
and it looks good and we're counting down the days until november and that looks even better. >>> mitt romney celebrating an early lead this super tuesday. in the past 20 minutes he has won a key battleground state. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. mitt romney is picking up six states. romney wins the state of ohio with 38% of the vote and a margin of 12,000 votes. we have live team coverage. amber lee has been talking to bay area voters. we begin with ken wayne who breaks down today's victory. >> reporter: there was no clean sweep tonight. elections were held in 10 states and each candidate expect ron paul claimed victories. mitt romney pulled out a win in massachusetts, vermont, , virginia and idaho. right now he's picked up eight additional delegates giving him a total of 351. let's move on to rick santorum. he gets an additional 68 delegates for a grand total of 156 delegates. we move on to the next candidate. newt gingrich he stays alive with the critical win of georgia. that gives him 52 more delegates today for a total of 85. and finally, the fourth
on to the presidential race. super tuesday was pretty good for mitt romney. but it was not super enough to make him the nominee. tyler suiters has more on the primary season's biggest night and joins us from washington, d.c. >> reporter: elizabeth and frank, good morning. you put i well, a good day for romney, won the most states and delegates but for all the delegates victory on super tuesday is in the eye of the beholder. mitt romney squeaked out a victory in ohio fighting a tough battle with rick santorum taking the swing state. >> it looks good. we are counting down the days until november. it looks better. >> reporter: with super tuesday victories in five other states, he is already talking like the gop nominee. >> as president, i will get our economy back on track and get our citizens back to work. everyone unlike president obama, i have the experience to deliver on that promise. >> reporter: evangelical voters helped rick santorum finish on top in tennessee and oklahoma. he also put north dakota in his win column. >> we have won in the west, midwest and the south and we're ready to win acros
limbaugh went too far. the fallout from his rant against the college student. >>> plus, mitt romney's presidential campaign picking up momentum following another win in washington state. it is 8:30, march march 4th, sunday morning. if you are joining us this morning. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we will be talking about the republican presidential race and the economy. >>> and also talking about america's cup. but our top story, we have been following two day's worth of reports of damage coming out of the tornadoes in the midst west and south and today the search for survivors is continuing. >> that is right. after the tornadoes ripped through the south, the number of people killed is 36 so far. apparent tornadoes destroyed the town of henryville, indiana. we will have a live report from the scene in just about five minutes. >>> more than 10,000 california college student will be ralliesing at the state -- rallying at the state capital tomorrow, raising awareness about tuition hikes, upset about paying more money
: on this day after super tuesday here is where the republican presidential race stands. mitt romney won six of the ten states that voted yesterday. rick santorum three, newt gingrich one. so far, 22 states have voted. romney has won 13, santorum 7, gingrich two. it takes 1,144 delegates to clinch the nomination. romney is more than a third of the way there with 391. santorum has 140. gingrich 95, ron paul 38. romney won the key battleground state of ohio last night-- but just barely. john dickerson is our political director. john, where does romney stand today? >> well, scott, ohio was a lot closer than the romney campaign wanted it to be. they'd hoped if they had a commanding victory romney would be able to say that the ration was just all but over. instead, questions were raised again about his inability to connect with the most conservative members of his party. but overall, it was a good night. as you mentioned, six of ten states won by romney, 65% of the delegates at stake last night. in talking to experts today, they say it's nearly impossible for romney's competitors to overtake him
awaited and significant endorsement. coming up a substantial win last night. mitt romney says he is almost there. but it it was a gap by a top romney adviser that caught the other candidates attention. >> by 12 points mitt romney took at least 41 out of illinois 54 nomination delegates an assumed the role of presumptive nominee stopping in maryland. thank you for watching here. >> they're now progress. they've won the governor endorsement and freedom works the conservative work that works closely with a tea party is now committed to help romney beat the president. but they've got new am knew in addition who was asked if romney's been pushed too far to the right for the general election and said "i think you hit a reset button the ball campaign everything changes it's almost like he had your sketch. you can change it out and restart all over again. santorum tweeted a photo of himself "studying romney's policy and clammed him as untrustworthiness, you're looking for an adult, mature, that's what you're looking for. >> stay true -- you're looking for someone to stay true to what they said. >>
. mitt romney front-runner is heading into the big day with a victory at hand after winning the washington state caucuses with 38%. david has the latest. >> get out and vote on tuesday. thank you so much. >> reporter: if it seems like the candidates are moving quicker because they have a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time until super tuesday. super tuesday. when voters in ten states go to the polls. more delegates delivered in one night than in the entire campaign. what is candidate to do in two days? lots of talking. >> i will never apologize for the greatness of this country. >> and lots of travel. ron paul thinks he is strong out west. newt gingrich ahead of his home state in georgia is at his virginia home today and will bounce into tennessee. romney hits newt's territory, for season it's tennessee, oklahoma and then ohio. ohio, that is the big prize. its swing state where romney could get it. >> if i got the nod of the people of ohio that would send a big statement. >> and santorum has a problem in ohio. he didn't complete all the paperwork and is at risk of b
>> right now at 5:00, mitt romney has been declared the winner in the puerto rican primary today. can he get enough delegates to nail down the gop nomination before the republican convention? why some people in the party may be getting ready for a floor fight. also police and friends continue to search for a teenage girl missing for three days. the bay area saw plenty of rain this last week. we'll show you one city that has less than most. the news at 5:00 starts right now. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the search continued in morgan hill for a missing 15-year-old girl who disappeared friday on the way to school and nbc bay area spoke with the girl's mother today. stephanie is in morgan hill with the latest. >> reporter: hi, diane. you can see the sheriff's command post. we're at the border of morgan hill. this is day three of the search and still nothing. they focus their efforts on the fields around here. they were out here in the morning with dogs looking for any traces of 15-year-old sierra lamar. the problem is she never has run away. the family said there were no home t
romney. there are different stakes for different candidates. nonetheless, it is clear that today's voting could possibly reshape this race for the republican presidential nomination. mitt romney campaigned hard across ohio hours before the polls opened asking youngstown voters to carry him to victory on super tuesday. romney is locked in a dead heat there with rick santorum. >> thank you! >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator had a lead there but started to fade after romney's three-state sweep last week. santorum admits a win in ohio is crucial. >> i would make the argument that it may not be make or break, but it will be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: ohio is considered the biggest prize today because it's a battleground state in the general election. romney says he is the republican candidate who can win come november. >> what we need to talk about to defeat barack obama is getting good jobs and scaling back the size of government and that's what i do. >> reporter: mitt romney and ron paul have a decided advantage here in virginia today. they are the only two republican preside
down to super tuesday. be mitt romney's presidential campaign is picking up momentum following another win in washington, d.c. i'm phil matier. we'll have the state senator in to talk about some changes he wants in california's drug laws. >> obvious, a preview of super tuesday, the day that the republican presidential candidate has been waiting for. things are still up in the air when you have to talk about that. >> we'll have the chairman still here with us. the search for survivors is continuing today after a string of tornadoes hit the midwest and south. the >> the number of people killed have flaunted to 35 people in five states. a pair of tornadoes destroyed the town of harryville, indiana. we'll have a live report from that scene in about five minutes. >>> more than 10,000 college students will rally at the state capitol tomorrow. they held occupy education events on thursday. they are upset about having to pay more money for higher education while more faculty and staff members are being laid off. students want governor brown to reject any budget deal that includes education cut
is at the center for the battle of the republican nomination for president. mitt romney and rick santorum are campaigning hard there. it rambled kingston tell us that rick santorum is not backing down. >> mitt romney greeted voters in illinois explaining why he should win the state's gop primary >> i will get us the energy out of the ground we need so, we can keep the money that being spent buying energy, keep it here and put people to work >> he rolls into the new contest with new momentum with overwhelming victory in pr over the weekend >> all of the delegates in that contest are hours of that is good news >> he is holding on to all delegates been all his rivals combined >> his campaign has stepped up calls for other republican to step aside but his chief rival the house that he will fight until the end >> it will nominate a conservative, not the establishment moderate from massachusetts >> rick santorum claims mitt romney is outstanding in 10-1 each. it is >> is mitt romney who systematically has run a negative campaign and has had no positive vision for the country and spends billions
down. court's decision will be kept secret until june. mitt romney continuing to rack up endorsements of republican leaders. house budget committee chairman paul ryan will endorse romney today. this is one day after former president george h. w. bush also endorsed the former massachusetts governor. former florida governor jeb bush has endorsed romney, but former president george w. bush is remaining neutral. it is 43 degrees. so much more to come on good morning washington. the capitals needed a big win against the bruins. tim brant has the highlights from the back and forth. signs of progress in the fight against a wildfire in colorado. we have an update for you. glaxo wellcome. -- welcome. beledweyne moving nicely near the mormon temple. there was an accident, but then has been moved quickly. no impact at connecticut avenue. the beltway between 270 and 95, i would say go for it. >> looks nice outside this morning. 15-20 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. 44 degrees at reagan national, 39 at dulles. 36 at winchester. above freezing finally in western maryland where t
anybody's game. last week rasmussen showed santorum is leading romney. tonight a new rasmussen poll in tennessee shows element identical. santorum 34% romney 30. in both states santorum had a substantial lead in polls taken two weeks ago. several states in a dead heat the candidates were criss- crossing the country campaigning this weekend. 419 delegates at stake in 10 states. right now mitt romney has the most delegates. but as drew levinson reports super tuesday could be a game changer. >> reporter: the gop frontrunner went to georgia sunday where he served up pancakes and promises. mitt romney again ignored his republican rivals and attacked president obama. >> he's been in office for three years. i'm still waiting to hear what his jobs plan is how he's going to make america more competitive how he's going to put us back to work. >> reporter: georgia offers the most delegates on super tuesday and it's newt gingrich territory. the former house speaker served the state and congress for 20 years. he says it's a must win. >> i think you lose all credibility if the folks who know
decision on super tuesday. after some heart stopping moments in ohio, mitt romney ekes out a tight victory. but can he convince the gop that he is their man? we'll talk with republican leader eric cantor and top gop strategists mike murphy. >>> i'm gayle king. more sponsors drop rush limbaugh. what is next for the controversial commentator. when i see you at 8:00 the fbi is asking for some help finding one of its own. john miller has the bizarre case of that missing agent. >>> i'm erica hill. one be of the nfl's biggest stars getting a pink slip. where peyton manning may be headed next. apple fans really hoping the rumors are true. could the new ipad be revealed today? >>> but first as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's "iopener." your world in 9 o 0 seconds. >> we're counting down the days until november and that looks even better. >> mitt romney attacks his lead for the gop nomination winning six super tuesday states including a close contest in ohio. >> we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole passel full of silver medals. >> newt gingrich got th
romney pulled off a win in wyoming, and rick santorum won the kansas caucuses. santorum received 51% of the vote with romney getting 21% and gingrich in third with 14%. with the votes still being counted in wyoming, romney is the winner with46%, and santorum's 29%, and ron paul got 12%. david curley has the latest on the contests. >> thank you! >> santorum was campaigning in missouri but his eyes were on kansas. republicans voted in state caucuses with 40 delegates at stake. form snowstorm took the lion's share. >> we have had a very good day in our neighboring state of kansas. we are going to win kansas and the vast majority of delegates from kansas. >> reporter: mitt romney took a breather saturday after picking up 18 delegates in guam and the marianas island. romney, not expected to do well be in south is encouraged by polling in alabama and mississippi which holds important primary on tuesday. >> morning, y'all. i got started right with a biscuit and cheesy grits. delicious. >> if romney can win a southern state from his more conservative rivals that would burn issues on electab
. >>reporter: in addition to comparing himself to reagan, santorum took jab at front runner romney. brought a minieven sketch poking fun at comment made by romney aide who said the former massachusetts governor would be able to reset his campaign after the primary. >> governor romney said that after the sketch flap he would run as conservative in the fal fall. i'm not going to run as a conservative in the fall. i am a conservative, period. [applause]. >>reporter: it's up clear how much money was raised tonight but over all santorum trails romney by a huge margin. 15 million i don't know to romney 75 million. live inal month, abc 7 news. >> thanks for. that romney was endorsed today by former president george hw bush and his waive barbara. romney joined them in houston for announcement. former florida governor and george stayed out of the fray. >> apple manufacturing plant in china. audit at the plant found health safety and excessive over time violation. workers building i.phone and i.pad often worked 60 hours or more a week and not always paid for the over time. fox con will raws
being asked to carry mitt romney to victory. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: romney is locked in a dead heat there with rick santorum. >>> the former pennsylvania senator had a lead but it started to fade after romney's three state sweep last week. santorum admits a win in ohio is crucial. >> i would make the argument that while it may not be make or break it's going to be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: ohio is the biggest prize because it's the battleground state in the general election. romney says he can win in november. >> what we need to talk about to defeat barack obama is getting good jobs and scaling back the size of government and that's what i do. >> reporter: mitt romney and ron paul have an advantage in virginia today. they are the only two republican presidential candidates who qualified to be on the state ballot. ron paul expects to do well in caucus states especially idaho. >> we certainly have a very good chance of winning. and i expect it will be one of our best states. >> reporter: newt gingrich is favorite to win georgia where he was a congressman and is ma
't want their name in public information published. >>justine: decision 2012 mit romney is the front runner in ohio. all are trying to gather enough delegates to be selected to go up against president barak obama in november we have the latest on the super tuesday results. >>reporter: it didn't have the most delegates but ohio was the biggest prize. no republican has ever won the white house without it. tuesday's primary became a drawn-out challenge between mit romney and rick santorum. in the end it gave no ronnie's president to get a major win albeit a narrow one. he hooked to virginia, vt., and massachusetts early in the night this is that there is still a long way to go. >> the good days and bad days always long hours and never enough time to get a thing done but on november 6th we will stand united. not only having won an election of having saved the future. >>reporter: centaurs, picked up wins as well. >> we will win a few and lose a few good as it looks right now we will get at least a couple of gold medals and a full tassel of silver medals. >>reporter: new gingrich snacked
's gut check time. who wants it the most? what do you say? >> the most-coveted prize is ohio. mitt romney used his organizational advantage to close the gap with rick santorum. the race here is a dead heat. ram knee is on a bit of a roll with a five-state winning streak. today could be the turning point in this race. momentum takes a back seat to math. going forward it's all about delegates. romney built a comfortable lead. it's impossible to catch up but just to tell them that. >> we'll win it. >> santorum vowed to stay in as a true conservative alternative to romney. >> they know his values aren't the values of the people of the republican party. >> the new poll shows that conservatives might be coming around to romney. 67% say they now have a favorable view of him, up from just 10 days ago. but the longer romney is in a fierce nomination battle the more banged up he gets for the general election. that same poll found among all voters only 35% see romney favorably. >> we have to get on through this process and begin to rebuild. this is probably one of the worst positions winning the nom
. in today's campaign 2012 report, mitt romney is the first gop candidate to visit our state in advance of the april 3rd primary. >>> fresh off his big win in illinois, romney helps him on his lead. romney plans to win the support of local republicans. adam? >> any minute now, a town hall meeting will kick off. romney is saturating the air waves. he's spending nearly half a million dollars. these are live pictures that we just got here from the american american legion hall in arbutus. this is also where governor bob ehrlich kicked off his campaign for governor last time. it's a very popular hot spot with maryland republicans. romney is hoping to walk away with maryland's 37 delegates. also the chairman of romney's campaign. we're still waiting for romney to take the stage and begin to speak. maryland is going to begin to hold primaries. and early voting will begin this saturday. >> adam, thank you. stay with complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll bring you the latest on the candidates and the primary results. >>> a maryland senator is marking a milestone in washington. moments ago,
57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. more trouble for mitt romney. rick santorum pulls off two big wins in mississippi and alabama. so what does this mean for the fight for the gop nomination? also this morning we'll go to afghanistan where defense secretary leon panetta has just arrived amidst new violence. >>> i'm erica hill the dow soares along with temperatures. plus we'll talk to george clooney as he prepares to testify before congress. >>> and i'm gayle king. prince harry tells us how the work of his mother, princess diana, influenced his own humanitarian efforts. when i see you at 8:00 jason segel stopping by. >>> today we'll begin with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> we did it again. >> rick santorum sweeps the south. >> we are going to win this nomination before that convention. >> this heir of inevitability that romney has been projecting has been an abject failure. >> if you're the front-runner and you keep coming in third, you're not much of a front-runner. >> i'm the one guy in this race that can beat barack obama. >> from my perspective he
gingrich over 31%. mitt romney finished at 30%. in alabama, santorum captured 35%, gingrich and romney finished with 29%. romney did manage to pick up a win in hawaii. many say last night's wins raise new questions whether he could carry critical southern states in a general election. >> i this campaign is about ordinary folks doing -- this cam rain is about ordinary folks doing extraordinary things like america. >> one of the things tonight proved is the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable, just collapsed. >> romney hasn't made a public comment. romney 472, santorum 244 and gingrich 1207. >>> californians who vote by mail could get extra time to get ballots in. state lake makers and election officials are worried that -- state lawmakers and elect officials are worried. they are considering extending the mail-in voting peer. election officials admit the move could delay results of elections by days or weeks. -- >>> why the head of california's high speed rail project says the overall cost is not as high as opponents claim. >>> alameda postpones vo
>> the campaign shake-up after romney comments about hsh >> is there a cure for baldness ? the discovery that is providing a little bit of hope for bald men out there. the motel they targeted yesterday evening was on first street, south of downtown. protesters want the city attorney to file a nuisance lawsuit to get the honor to clean up his act >> i think men take out money and offer to the prostitutes standing right here on the curve >> a hotel spokesperson told us the hotel has been working with police and workers have not seen any illegal activity now for weeks. >> a marine says he's been kicked out of the service for criticizing the president. the sergeant says he got the word yesterday that the marines are charging him with using contemptuous words against the commander in chief and for violating pentagon guidelines. he has a facebook page call the armed forces to party. in search is underway for the newest recruits of the oakland police force. hundreds lined up yesterday to take the entrance exam. the apartment will invite 50 applicants to join the police academy, the first one he
will not step down. >>> republican dilemma as romney falls short. instead of clarifying the republican race for president super tuesday was just about throwing it into greater chaos. >>> also tonight, a san jose policeman who thought he might never walk again and the stem cell procedure that could allow him to one day. >>> plus, earning money to pay for school is expensive and the one man who may be in a class all by himself. another half hour of news another half hour of news begins here in just a moment. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! ♪ and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! [laughing] man: yeah. that will certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. mom, i'mwho's the girl?!. it's not a girl. it's bacon. if you love bacon, make it official- bacon, you look beautiful. -with my new blt cheeseburger. a 100% beef patty loaded with hickory-smokedd bacon plus fries a
and planned parenthood supporters were delivering a message to romney saying he cannot sketch away his anti-choice record. he's getting more support from the gop establishment. susan mcginnis has the latest from washington >> just as republicans began to coalesce around gop front runner mitt romney he is forced to defend himself after a campaign stop in maryland >> it is an honor to be here >> one of his advisers talking about the general election compared the fall campaign to end etch up sketch saying you can shake it up and start all over again. romney says his positions will not change >> i was a conservative republican governor and i will be running as a conservative republican nominee, hopefully, and the policies and positions are the same >> at a campaign stop rick santorum pounced on it >> -accompanied to all of you who are voting in this primary that whoever you vote for will be a completely new candidates >> the comment comes as romney gains more support. former florida gov. jed bush endorsed him and says it is time for the gop to unite. president obama is focusing more on his reel
are gathering for another rally. >>> to election 2012. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is making a bay area visit right now. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live with the two things he is focusing on during the visit. >> reporter: protesters gathered out here outside hotel sofitel san francisco bay an hour ago. you can see they are chanting, singing and beating a drum, mocking a $1,000 a plate fundraiser for mitt romney's campaign. the dinner isn't just about dinner. >> reporter: this is as close as most people will get to mitt romney. the reception cost $1,000 a person and $5,000 per couple to take a picture with him. here is a look that invite. money is the main objective. but this it is not just a goal, it is 172 delegates that will make the difference. >> california probably donates 25% of the money for a national campaign but this time it is stretched out and it is likely the june 5 primary will put mitt romney over the top. >> reporter: the event isn't open to the public. mitt romney told an audience in san diego, regulations by the obama administration are crushing dreams. >> we
camp to be destroyed. in election news this morning, mitt romney scored another run in the presidential race taking all 20 delegates. the candidates are focused on illinois' primary tomorrow with 54 delegates at stake. it showed over rick santorum another surprise upset because he says romney is another weak front-runner. >> i would love to get one-on- one with governor romney and expose the record that would be the weakest record we could put up against president barack obama. >> i think he has the same as the president, spend his life in government nothing wrong with that but right now we need somebody who understands the economy fundamentally. >> both are deciding to stay ahead. >> here are the initial leads growing 521. newt gingrich 136, rand paul has just 50. now a republican candidate needs 144 delegates to clinch the nomination. they announced this morning they raised $45 million last month. that brings them to 300 million for this election cycle. nearly 350,000 people contributed to the total. he will be holding another fundraiser in washington d.c. tonight. >>> the issue is fu
you left san francisco. >> they were smiling in the picture. >>> mitt romney picks up a key win in illinois he may face up hill battle in getting enough delegates to clinch the republican presidential nomination. next, the super help he may be forced to turn. >>> muni trims bureaucracy to save millions. the workers who are losing their jobs. >>> the deal that will keep alex smith on as quarterback. >>> drug we all have in our medicine cab it ins that could help reduce our risk of cancer, maybe even prevent it. q q q q q q q q q q q qq at lysol, we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health. my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. . >>> let's take a look at high temperatur
. the big prize is ohio. mitt romney outspent opponents by three to one. and there is a close race. >> other states include tennessee, rick santorum is the projected winner. a second win in oklahoma where the latest numbers show him getting 34% of the vote. in georgia newt gingrich is the declared winner, romney is a projected winner in massachusetts, virginia and vermont. >> three states are holding caucuses tonight in north dakota, santorum leading with 52% of the vote. romney just is a% there. and in idaho no numbers have been released yet. in alaska caucuses don't end until midnight this evening. >> here is rick santorum. let's listen in. >> it's a signature piece of legislation that points this out. u.s. economic rights create bid the governor and to force to you buy insurance. to force to you take policies that you don't want. and this to force you to take coverages that may violate your conviction. >> that is rick santorum speaking live in ohio. he's ahead by a slim margin now over mitt rom nee. you can follow results tonight by going to abc 7 news.com. >> and there is three of the fo
's getting pretty nasty between santorum and romney. mitt romney and rick santorum. romney is calling santorum a liberal. those are fighting words, robin. in-mississippi. santorum calling romney desperate. >>> and a "bachelor" bombshell. ben proposed to courtney. in one of the show's most shocking endings ever. now this morning, one of the women at the center of that dramatic finale. lindzi who everyone wanted him to pick is now speaking out. >>> good morning to both of you. in case you missed it, let's take another look. new information about the plane you see there. off the runway in atlanta this morning. we're told mechanics were testing the engines when the brakes on the plane failed. there were no passengers on the plane. no injuries to report. and airport officials say this incident will not cause any delays this morning. it is a relief. considering hartsfield-jackson airport is the nation's busiest. >>> to other breaking news this morning. violent fallout from the massacre of 16 innocent civilians by a u.s. soldier. today, taliban militants opened fire on high-ranking officials
romney and where he stands after the latest gop contest in louisiana >>> that loss what does it mean sitting down the political insiders and talking at sports also in bay area. the owner of the caught the mood and a quarterback controversy in the forty-niners >>> and everything going down with the new orleans saints with congressional hearings, rep. >>> a murder investigation has stunned a quiet san francisco neighborhood. >>> off police returned figure of the deaths of five people is a case of a murder-suicide or if there's still a suspect. the bodies of the three women and two men on friday in an endless side district and first is believed the murderer was among the dead and now police are not sure. they're assuring neighbors the economic risk. >>> the experts in this area do not believe that there's a threat to public safety at this time. >>> it's scary in terms of the committee that could be someone out there possibly. >>> the gruesome scene was discovered by a woman coming home from work and pride in mourning and the stevenson trying to determine how the victims were kille
this evening. we also have the latest forecasts details on our web site, www.kron4.com. >> mitt romney is off to a good start. he is the projected winner in a vermont. keep in mind, all precincts have not reported the numbers. new gingrich has said if he does not lend georgette he will be out of their race. jordan goes to newt gingrich. we will keep you updated throughout the hour at 6:00 p.m. and again at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: is the second day of the visit with israeli president shimon peres. he took a visit to facebook today. big losses on wall street today. the dow fell more than two to three points closing at 12,759. the nasdaq slipped 40 points to 2910. this is the market's biggest downturn in three months. >> we will have periods of relative normalcy into the markets will adjust. nothing that happened last week has team to the u.s. economy. >>pam: of we are still ahead in terms of the market. >> the dow is up in the s&p is up. when we keep that in perspective, it is good, but with a big drop like this, of course you have the issue with our on, oil prices and gas. >>pam: union square in san
this a two-man race? why can't romney put him away? >>> courtroom showdown. tensions boil over in the day care murder trial. did angels and demons really drive this man to kill his alleged lover's husband? >> this is where it stays. he intended to kill him. he in tended to kill him and he in fact, did kill him. >> both sides make the argument to the jury in explosive closing arguments. >>> buried alive. an 11-year-old boy trapped in sand. and fighting for every breath. his brother's frantic call to 911 caught on tape and the miracle moment when rescuers finally pulled him to safety. ♪ the heat is on ♪ the heat is on >>> that heat is on everywhere. boy, rick santorum likes your home state. a big win in mississippi. >> the polls not indicative of that. >> he won both mississippi and alabama. denies mitt romney a knockout blow. puts the pressure on newt gingrich to get out. he doesn't cut into romney's delegate lead. the big question, can he make it a two-man race? will he push newt gingrich out? and can he take it all of the way to the convention? >> the heat is still on where that's co
. >>> end game? as the gop candidates battle for votes, mitt romney is picking up a pair of key endorsements. >>> midair meltdown. criminal charges have been filed against the jetblue pilot who had to be restrained by passengers. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, march 29, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. >>> we begin with the investigation into the shooting death of florida teen trayvon martin. the father of george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the unarmed teenager, says his son was trying to protect himself. in an interview with the fox affiliate in orlando, robert zimmerman says martin confronted his son, quote, trayvon martin then got on top of him and started beating him in his face, in his nose and hitting his head on the concrete. >> he continued to beat george, and at some point george pulled his pistol and did what he did. >> but zimmerman appeared uninjured in this surveillance video, obtained by abc news. zimmerman is seen being led through the sanford police station after martin was shot dead. there
are affecting mitt romney's bid for election. >>> they could move the entire case for sheriff ross mirkarimi out of san francisco. >>> and in san francisco, everyone is buzzing about the introduction of the i-pad we will have how the market will react. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is march 7th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, thank you for waking up with us, we have steve paulson, it is not as windy as yesterday? >>> there are still gusts over 30 in some of the higher elevations there is not a cloud for a long, long way and temperatures will start to come up as the winds start to turn easterly and mid-60s after a cold morning. >>> coming up to the willow pass grade, no major problems although it is slow in antioch going west. 80 westbound trying to get to the bay bridge there is already a backup there, 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> police in sunnyville are investigating a shooting. officers found the bodies of two people inside a home in a usually quiet neighborhood. tara moriarty is in sunnyville with more on
in and they are paying off. those votes are coming in at the margins are bigger. >>pam: romney and santorum at one point each had 37 percent of the vote. the bulls for is about 5000 or so voters. >> this race is about math and momentum. he is doing well and will get a majority of the delegates and but the momentum is not where he wants to be. santorum to ignore dakota, that was a bit of a surprise. >>pam: even of said card does not win ohio, he has a lot of momentum coming out. he won oklahoma and tennessee as well as north dakota. thus >> by the way tonight and, i'm predicting alaska will go to idaho. at the idaho is a slam-dunk for romney. with supertax the funding as opponents, it is going to be a long, slow grind. >>pam: d.c. near the bridge or ron pollack jumping out? >>pam: if you think you have had enough of the republican victory in this campaign, you are not alone. >> it has been i think the worst campaign i have ever seen. >>pam: former first lady barbara bush says that the republican mudslinging is hurting the party. take a look at this new poll. only 35 percent of american voters have a posi
'll have your full seven-day forecast coming up in minutes. >>> one night only mitt romney in the bay area, it's not all handshakes and high fives for the presidential hopeful. >>> it's the talk no parent wants to have, how the death of trayvon martin is inspiring a different kind of conversation between penants and children in the bay area. >>> it's radical but it works. what doctors say is more effective than diet and exercise when it comes to controlling diabetes. >> i got it, it is on. the cca rnlifoisia fenherm ogughffome california fishermen offguard.d. >>> community activists in oakland stand united with other groups across the country today calling for justice in the deadly shooting of trayvon martin. his shooting continues to impact the lack of concern of charges or arrest in the case. >> reporter: it's a conversation that african-american mothers, grandmothers and fathers are having with their sons. what you wear could put you in a compromising situation. >> god bless this family member -- >> reporter: the rally began with a prayer. a prayer dominiqua says she can relate to. >> i
ann's county. here is what people will be talking about. mitt romney picking up 20 delegates over the weekend. romney and rick santorum are now taking the race to illinois. >> reporter: mitt romney will carry more momentum in to the primary contest, he celebrated another win, easily capturing all of puerto rico's 20 delegates. rom any spoke to supporters in illinois, polls show he is locked in a tight battle. the state holds its primary tomorrow. as romney gain as bigger league, his wife is calling on republicans to end the fight for the nomination. >> it's time to get behind one candidate and get the job done to move onto the next job, bringing us one step closer to defeating barack obama. three contenders say they are not going anywhere. santorum says romney hasn't proven he is a good enough candidate. >> somebody had a huge advantage, money advantage, huge advantage of establishment support, and he hasn't been able to close the deal. >> reporter: santorum spent yesterday in louisiana, which votes this weekend. he will join romney in illinois today, to court voter whose are stil
yesterday's super tuesday. mitt romney game victories in six of 10 states. his final when last i was in alaska. rooney also run a battleground state and all- half ended narrowly defeated santorum. half santorum to victories in tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. and gingrich said a win in his home state of georgia. the race is not over yet. >> today we have taken one more step towards it was formed, as of tomorrow. tomorrow, will leave that in the garlic and. >> we are ready to win across this country! >> there are a lot of money rabbits running through, i and the tortoise, i take one step at a time. >>mark: so far mitt romney has forwarded 15 votes towards winning the nomination. >>justine: mitt romney has given some of interviews this morning and has said he is feeling good about his showing yesterday. the also said that he has the time, the resources and the plan to take it all the way to the republican presidential nomination. >>darya: apple is getting ready to unveil the next ipad. the event is set to start at 10:00 p.m. at the year of one a center for the arts in san fran
. it was a good day for mitt romney. he won the most states and delegates. but for all these candidates victory on super tuesday is in the eye of the beholder. mitt romney squeaked out a victory in ohio. he fought a tough battle with rick santorum to take the critical swing state. >> we are counting up the delegates and the days until november and that looks better. >> reporter: with super tuesday victories in five other states, he is already talking like the gop nominee. >> as president, i will get our competent back on track and get our citizens back to work. and unlike president obama, i actually have the experience to deliver on that promise. >> reporter: evangelical voters helped rick santorum finish on top in tennessee and oklahoma and put north dakota in his win column. >> we have won in the west, midwest and the south and we are ready to win across this country. >> reporter: the candidates will divide up the super tuesday delegates. they are chasing the magic number to clinch the nomination. 1144. mitt romney leads. santorum's camp wants to frame this as a two-man contest with romney sa
with the edge. >> reporter: on the eve of super tuesday, romney has the double digit lead in the polls in ohio where he gives business experience over his rivals. >> they've read about the economy, talked about it in meetings. i've been in it. i've worked in business. >> reporter: he is up a dozen points over santorum. romney has the edge in ohio polls too. romney is running strongest in north and central ohio around cleveland and columbus. he has big leads in mass marks vermont, virginia, idaho. in aid air, santorum is strongest near indiana and kentucky borders and southeast near his home state of pennsylvania. he's ineligible for 18 because of filing problems. he's running strong in tennessee and heavily favored in oklahoma and slams romney as someone that pretends to be conservative. >> one of the biggest things in this campaign is trust. >> reporter: begin grith has ignored ohio to focus on georgia. he hopes to force himself back to headlines and contention. >> i will challenge the other contestants to join me in mississippi or alabama for a debate next week. i don't think romney can hid
handelsman breaks it down. >> reporter: mitt romney survives supertuesday. barely winning ohio after pounding rick santorum with attack ads. but he put on a bright face today. >> i don't apply percentages to it. but after last night, i feel pretty darn good. >> reporter: he did win the super tuesday quest for delegates. >> mitt romney did what he had to do. he put away six o out of the ten states last night. >> reporter: but rick santorum claimed three states and claims he's on a roll. >> we're heading to mississippi and alabama and we're going to have a sweep this week here starting in kansas on saturday. >> reporter: santorum backers pressed newt gingrich to quit. he refused. >> we are staying in this race because i believe that it's going to be impossible for a moderate to win the general election. >> reporter: and after winning georgia, gingrich could take more southern primaries next tuesday. romney's -- before the convention. says the former republican party chair. >> for romney to actually have the nomination in his pocket going into tampa, it's going to be virtually impossible to do.
of the candidates. reporter >> mitt romney has momentum. he is fresh off of victories in arizona and michigan and in washington state on saturday. romney is hoping to break away from his rivals tonight. he has racked up endorsements from high- profile conservatives including house majority leader erick kanter. >> mitt romney is really the only man in the race who has a plan, a bold pro- growth plan to create jobs and get the economy back on track. >> santorum has not had a win in nearly a month and believes he has a fighting chance in ohio. >> the establishment that run the and santorum are statistically tied and the state. the >>darya: it is 6 of 2:00 a.m., it is windy, cold and wet. and that it is. here is the breakdown. we have wet roads on the golden gate bridge. mostly sunny and windy. a when it buys will be in effect from noon through midnight. expect the afternoon to be really dusty. clear and gusty as well. here is a quick shot of storm tracker 4. we are dry and mild in terms of temperatures. we will talk more about the wind coming up into the extended forecast as well as a full ch
for presidential nominee. front run irmitt romney won the contest. ron paul dropped in caucus- -goers saturday, pushing hard for his first victory, but pulled up short. the washington state win may good romney a boost heading into the critical super tuesday context. saturday he rallied supporters in ohio, but romney stuck to hammering president obama and highlighting his business background. >> with job so badly needed with incomes having gone down, we need a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> reporter: santorum challenged romney in an article that inspired president obama's health care bill. >> it's bad enough he recommended. it treasworse that he couldn't come clean with the people in this primary that did he. >> reporter: speaking near cincinnati, newt gingrich says although he is counting on a win in georgia, the state he represented for 20 years, he feels he will do well in ohio. >> we want to get as many delegates as we can and see opportunities here. >> reporter: due levinson, cbs news. >>> washington state held its caucus and that win went to mitt romney there. a
near linden. now to campaign 2012, mitt romney has picked up another endorsement from another high- profile republican >> what we need is mitt romney to be the next president of the usa. >> paul ryan threw his support behind romney today. wisconsin, holds its primary on tuesday. former president george h. w. bush, former governor jeb bush have also endorsed romney in recent days. grace lee is in san francisco, a woman trying to keep mitt romney out of her husband's office is in the bay area today >> we're talking about the first lady michelle obama, and it has been no secret that she has been very popular among voters and americans. she is that the care but, academy of sciences and about 350 people are expecting to see her. 63 percent of americans approve of her and that is the number the white house is banking on. >> they won't be eating the kind of fatty, salty, sugary foods that we're trying to keep from them when they're at home >> you can expect first lady michelle obama to be even more visible as the campaign season heats up and there's a reason the white house is wrapping up
. ohio polls show mitt romney and rick santorum in a virtual dead heat. both candidates began their day addressing apac about iran's alleged nuclear program. >> if they don't tear down those facilities, we will tear them down ourselves. >> reporter: mitt romney spoke via satellite to the conference in washington. >> a nuclear iran is not only a problem for israel. it's a problem for america and the world. >> reporter: later today, romney cast his vote in belmont, massachusetts. the state where he used to be governor. here in virginia only ron paul and romney's names are on the ballot. rick santorum and newt gingrich failed to gather the necessary signatures before the state's deadline. >> they had the right it legally challenge that and we're turned down. the right people are on the ballot today. >> reporter: gingrich has been focusing on the south. he is likely to win georgia where he served in congress and hoping for a strong showing in tennessee. >> ron paul [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: paul has yet to win any contest but that could change tonight. he has his sights set on ca
states have hundreds of convention delegates up for grabs. romney is hoping to pull away from his challengers after today. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. the big prize is ohio. >> reporter: it is. ohio is the most attention. some of that is symbolic because it is a battleground state in the general election. romney and santorum tied in ohio. analysts say romney needs to win to break away from the rest of the pack. they say if he does take ohio gop calls for santorum or newt gingrich to dropout will get louder. santorum feels he has a fighting chance. >> i know all the establishment is lining up behind the guy with the most money. we have courageous people here who stood by us. >> we just won our fifth state in a row with washington state, which is good news. >> reporter: romney is expected to do well in vermont and massachusetts and poised to win in virginia. santorum fighting hard for conservative evangelicals in oklahoma and tennessee. gingrich has georgia locked up. that leaves ron paul with alaska, idaho and north dakota. abc7 will have full coverage of today's electi
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